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Hi Lucy, 

I am bisexual and on the first night of fresher’s I met this girl who ended up buying me a drink. Before the end of the night we ended up kissing and I really like her. Since then I have talked to her but she never talked about what happened. What do I do now?


Hi Lydia,

Agony Aunts on Female First

Agony Aunts on Female First

She might just be embarrassed and if you're not talking about it, then she may think that it was a kiss and nothing more or a mistake from your point of view.

Keep in mind that this is your first kiss in your first year of university. Maybe the excitement of all this newness has made you more drawn to her than you would normally be. People can get swept up by new people, new experiences and new places, so be sure that it wasn't just a case of getting caught up in the atmosphere.

That said, if you felt a real connection with her then you could ask her out and see how it goes. People meet in their first year of university and make it last, others don't- but you may never know if you don't talk to her about what happened.

It might help you to know, if it was something that happened in the moment, if she wants to stay friends or if she wants something more. That way you can try for a relationship or move on and attempt to be mates.

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