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Hi Lucy,

A friend offered to go on holiday with me back in summer 2015. By Dec 2015 we'd decided on Cuba for a fortnight and I'd seen good deals. 

We agreed to book in Jan for a holiday in March. The end of December she sent me a WhatsApp message saying she wanted her own room due to her medical condition. I was surprised as she had never mentioned this before. All the holidays had shot up in price and single supplement was too much. 

I asked her if she'd consider sharing to reduce cost and she refused so I told her to forget the holiday as I couldn't afford to pay almost double. Now she's being funny with me and I don't think I've done anything wrong. Should I confront her or just let it go?


Hi Melissa,

Agony Aunts on Female First

Agony Aunts on Female First

It sounds like she is very sensitive and private about her medical condition so perhaps she has been 'funny' with you because she's angry that it's got on the way of your holiday together. Or embarrassed that she had to bring it up?

If you can't afford to pay double, there is little point in falling into debt when you have other options.

Perhaps you could discuss with her renting an apartment so you have separate rooms but are still under the same roof. That can often work out cheaper. Or ask some more of your friends to tag along to keep costs down?

Maybe you could talk about going when the prices have dropped again.

It sounds like she told you about the room situation late into the process, so perhaps now you know what she requires, you can look at going next year instead with the new information in mind.

It sounds like it might be more disappointment than anything else. Holidays are something people get excited over and when they are cancelled or the plans are changed it can have a negative impact on people's emotions.

If she has more specific needs than you- perhaps she could book it instead?

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