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Hi Lucy,


Ok I have been with my boyfriend for over four years, our relationship hit a real rough patch year and bit ago as he was working away but I fell pregnant with his baby! He returned home to be a family but he said himself if it wasn't for me falling pregnant we probably wouldn't be together. Since then we have a gorgeous little boy and we're engaged but I feel we're drifting apart bickering and going to bed on sour notes all the time. Should I get married?


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Hi Fran,


Now that he has told you this then you are likely a lot more conscious of it every time that you have an argument. This could be making you doubt whether to get married or not.


Have you considered relationship counselling? Perhaps you could enrol for this and see if it helps you to both explore what you could be doing differently to keep your relationship going.


It is good if after everything, a family unit can stay together, however if the relationship continues to be full of resentment and anger then this is not the best environment for your son of for you both. It might be wise to try and tackle your problem areas before you get married with a professional if you are having doubts or it could end up getting far more complicated if you don’t.


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