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Hi Lucy,

My dad has cheated on my mum again and I cannot ever trust him again he’s made me feel distraught my mum is so upset she’s heartbroken. I need to be strong for my mum but it’s so upsetting Please help, yours sincerely, Millie

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Hi Millie,

This sounds like an awful situation to be in- you need to express your own feelings over what’s happened but you are also concerned for your mum too. That seems like a very big burden.

Perhaps try to talk to her as much as you can- the likelihood is she will feel she needs to be strong for you too. This is admirable on both of your parts, but it seems that you both need to discuss how you are feeling with one another. You are feeling distrust for your dad and your mum is feeling heartbroken- these are strong emotions and a big event in both of your lives. If you can club together and be there for one another as a listening ear, this will not only help your relationship become stronger but also help you through this difficult time. Maybe try to focus on what you still have in your relationship together- whatever happens you still have each other for support.


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