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Hi im 32 my I am not on bc so my period came 2 days early but only lasted 2 days and it was light. As it stopped completely with no browning then 2 days later I had brown discharge for 4 days I keep having mild to sharp cramps in my lower right abdomen. I've also had a severe headache bk ache and fatigue. Was just lookin for some advice on why im browning with cramps. It feels like my period is goin to start but not due for just under 3 weeks. Is it possible I am pregnant. Thank you for takin the time to read this and hope I hear from U soon as I am unsure if to take a test

Yin replies

Hi Marie, thanks for writing in.

If you are worried that you are pregnant there is never any harm in taking a test. You can take a test on the first day of your missed period and this will confirm whether you are pregnant or not. If you don’t trust the result then visit you doctor who can also give you a test to confirm or deny the finding of the test. If you choose a good brand however, they are generally very accurate.

Only after a few days of conception the fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall of the uterus, which can result in spotting and sometimes cramping. This is known as implantation bleeding which can occur from six to twelve days after the egg has been fertilised. 

Yang replies

Discharge is also common if you are in the early stages of pregnancy as the vagina walls are becoming thicker with the increase in the production of cells. This can be expected right after conception.  Sometimes this can smell, if it does, go and see your doctor as this can indicate an infection, however if it doesn’t you could have this throughout the pregnancy, if you are.

Headaches and back pain are also early signs. Perhaps wait until the first day your period is due to take the test, if you are regular then it should be easy to know when it is due. If you have been regular for a long time without the help of birth control other factors could affect your cycle, like change in diet, medication, stress or your weight. Have a think about anything else that you have changed in your lifestyle lately, because it could be down to any of those factors also. 

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