joanne asks :

Whenever i see my modern studies teacher i feel really awkward and my cheeks go bright red. I can't stop thinking about him. He makes modern studies so enjoyable and he is so so nice to everyone and is ALWAYS happy and never in a bad mood. Conincedently i absolutely LOVE modern studies. My friend s have noticed this because today walkiing down the corridor at lunch i saw him and he smilled at me (he has a lovely smile) and said "hi joanne" i smilled back and once i walked passed i went bright red. My friends kept saying ooh i think someone has a little crush. I know i do and i know it is just because it is because i am a teenager but what should i do to stop going red so i can enjoy modern studies more?

Yin replies

Yin / Tyler

You are at an age that you are going to find men of all ages attractive, there is nothing with having a healthy crush on a teacher, many people did in school. It’s just important not to act on it. If you keep in mind that he is your teacher and that there is no possibility of anything happening then you can keep focused. If you are good at a subject try not to let this get in the way of your learning. Your friends will pick up on this, it’s only natural. They also know that nothing can come of it so the worst they can do is make fun of it. This can easily be diffused by focusing your attention elsewhere, like another guy in school or a famous crush.

Yang replies

Yang / Lydia

He probably pays you more attention if you are a good student and seem engaged in his lessons, this is always very rewarding for a teacher to see. Try not to read too much into it and see it as a compliment that he is polite to you outside of class.  

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