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Hi Lucy,


I’m confused... I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend (within my fertile window) around 3 weeks ago, my period came 4 days early and it’s never been early or late it always comes on time, but it was a little lighter than usual, I keep getting painful headaches (only in the evenings), feeling sick and having to wee a lot more than often. I’ve took a test and came back negative, I keep googling my symptoms and keeps saying early pregnancy stages, but this is where I’m confused because the test was negative!


Hi Beth,

Agony Aunts on Female First

Agony Aunts on Female First


You are right all of these signs can be indicative of early pregnancy. It may be that it was too early to tell on the test. I would suggest getting another one and seeing what that says or going to your doctor to get tested.


Generally it is advised that you take a test on the first day of your missed period, or 3- 4 weeks after you have had unprotected sex. It might be that you are on the cusp, so it could be to your advantage to take another to be absolutely sure.  


Is it painful when you wee? Having to urinate a lot and getting painful symptoms, can indicate that you have cystitis. Which is simply an inflammation of the bladder. If you have these symptoms then I would suggest going to your local chemist to get some treatment for this. The headaches might be due to being dehydrated if you are constantly going to the toilet, so try and drink more to alleviate the symptoms of the headaches.  






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