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Hi Lucy, 

I let my friend move into my house 6 months ago, because she wasn't happy with where she was living. I think I have made a mistake because I like my own space and now my son has moved back home. It is cramped and he has to sleep on the sitting room floor. I don't want to lose her as a friend, but it's not working out. How do I tell her?


Hi Jackie,

Agony Aunts on Female First

Agony Aunts on Female First

It sounds like you weren't anticipating your son moving back in with you. Perhaps you could talk to her and explain that you want your son to be more comfortable while he's under the same roof. You could tell her that making your son sleep in the living room is not a long-term solution for you or him. Understandably- you will probably want to make your son your priority.

It seems that you helped her out while she was in a tough spot; however, it sounds like the time is right for her to move on if you feel like you need your space once again. Plus, she may now have had time to save and get over whatever drove her away from her previous home.

You could be honest with her and tell her that you don't want it to affect your friendship; however you may run the risk of it doing so if you live together much longer. Honesty might go a long way here.

Maybe you could help her look for another house share to both encourage her and show her you still care for her and where she ends up. It might be helpful to work out some sort of time frame so she can plan her finances and she has a goal to work towards or it could drag on if there are no plans put in place.

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