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Me & my wife have been married for 41 years, i'm 65 & she's 64. We used to have a great sex life but we haven't had sex for a couple of years now & it can get frustrating. Has anyone got any tips to spice up our sex lives? Thanks

Hi Bill, thanks for getting in touch.

 I'm frustrated

I'm frustrated


Women respond well to romance, which often will follow on to sex when they feel sufficiently pursued. Why not take her out for a romantic meal, buy her something personal or if you are on a budget, make her a meal with candles and dig something out from when you were younger and talk about the good times you used to have. An old photo, or memento from a trip or holiday might work wonders!


Igniting these old memories can act just as much of an aphrodisiac as more obvious advances. If you haven’t had sex in two years chances are that she is missing it too. Doing anything really drastic like introducing sex toys may be too much too fast, so try to woo her slowly back into the mind-set that you can still have the great sex you used to.


A simple kiss when she leasts expects it, a stroke of the hair behind her ear when you look at her or complimenting her necklace and touching her neck while you do it can all send waves of excitement through a woman. Bodies forget, so a gentle reminder should help her mind and her body to recapture what you both had together.


As women get older, body confidence often becomes an issue, so pay her a compliment on how she looks, tell her you love her; if she has constant reassurance that you still love her and find her attractive this will make her more comfortable getting intimate with you again.


Try to see it as a positive rather than a negative as you can rediscover each other’s bodies all over again, it will be like when you first got together!



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