Jody asks :

Hi Lucy,

I'm pregnant but my partner of 2 years still acts like a child and drinks too much and doesn't take on any responsibility. When sober he is the best dad to my older 2 children but drink always comes first, should I keep the baby?

Hi Jody,

Agony Aunts on Female First

Agony Aunts on Female First

Perhaps this is a conversation you should have with him. Maybe you could tell him how his drinking makes you feel about your relationship. During pregnancy it’s important that you feel safe and confident, so that you can both give the baby the best possible start- if you are not then could you raise this with him?

He might not realise that his drinking is affecting how you feel about your pregnancy- if you told him perhaps this would jolt him into making a change and encourage him dial back the drinking.

If you know he makes a good father when sober then maybe he needs some help with his drinking, if you feel it has begun to take over his life- could you recommend some outside help for him?

It is right to be supportive of your partner, however if you are constantly worried about his drinking then this won’t benefit your health or your pregnancy so maybe you need to ask the help of family or friends at this time. Perhaps you need to recruit some support to help him to take more responsibility before the baby arrives.




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