Ricki asks :

I finished my period a week ago and have started getting sore boobs, have a bloated stomach and I'm urinating more throughout the night, could I be pregnant? It's too early to do a test as I've not missed a period yet, but I'm not on the pill so an irregular period isn't unheard of. I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years and we do want children so I'm not worried, but I can't tell him my suspicions until I can know for sure and I don't know what do to!

Yin replies

Bloating and sore boobs are signs of pregnancy yes, however every women is different, but this usually occurs later down the line. You can get pregnancy tests now that can tell if you are pregnant just 6 days before your period is due, so pop down to your local chemist an pick up a text just to be sure. If it’s negative, I would do another one in a couple of weeks just to be sure. 

Yang replies

You are right, irregular periods can be a result of being on the pill. Don't worry about this until, or even if it happens. You will know soon enough after the test if you are pregnant or if you aren’t, then you can decide what to do if you are. If you are concerned that you might get pregnant even while on the pill use  a condom as well to make sure you are completely safe, this will stop you worrying every time your period is a little irregular. 

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