Almost a third of managers claim women are not as good at their jobs when they come back from maternity leave, due to a perceived increase in family distractions. More than 40% say they would think twice before hiring a mum for a senior role.

The study by law firm Slater & Gordon also surveyed working mums who have had children in the last 10 years, finding their experiences back up the views of many managers - with most women feeling like they had just been put on ‘the mummy track’.

Almost 60% of surveyed mothers say they were discriminated against at work because they got pregnant. Only 40% say their boss was completely supportive of them during their pregnancy and maternity leave.

Watch our video for a professional perspective on the maternity issues facing many workplaces. Kiran Daurka gives plain and simple advice for women in such situations.

If you have been a victim of maternity discrimination, let us know about your experience and the actions you took that you felt necessary.

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