It used to be that the wedding was the most important day of a woman’s life but now the most important aspect of getting married is the engagement ring.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

An engagement ring has become so important to women that they’re even willing to chip in themselves to get the perfect ring.

Despite the economy being in a downturn, women are still expecting the perfect engagement ring and expect men to spend £1360 on it.

Luxury jewellery firm Taylor&Co found that one in five women would even go so far as to forfeit elements of their big day in exchange for a better ring.

The women surveyed said they would much rather have a smaller wedding ceremony and reception and have the ring of their dreams.

Sara Taylor founder of Taylor&Co said, “Choosing an engagement ring should be a magical time for couples.

“Some men choose an engagement ring themselves to pop the question, but others realise that it can be an expensive mistake if you get it wrong so involve their fiancé in the selection process.

“It’s understandable that some girls have their heart set on a certain style of ring, so it’s easy to see how there can be disputes.

“But it’s important to remember the reason why you are purchasing a ring in the first place. It seems a shame if couples are getting to the point where they argue.”

Worryingly, some women even admitted to throwing a fit when their man popped the question because the ring wasn’t up to standard.

Two thirds of women said that the more a man earns the more expensive the ring should be and over 20 per cent believed that the more a man spends, the more he loves you.

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