Who doesn't love a wedding? But with increasing pressure to be original, brides are battling to come up with quirky new ideas for their big day. Evelyn Oluwole, fashion and beauty specialist at Tumblr - and self-confessed wedding obsessive - is here to share her tips on the ten wedding trends she wishes would take off…

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

Weddings in odd places

Forests, mountains, lake sides… weddings can be set in dreamy locations, without turning to the overdone beach cliché. These settings will ensure a day to remember - just keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds up!

Festival-style weddings (glamping!)

Embrace your inner teen and have a festival style wedding, with campfires, teepees, and lots of music. Festivals are all about having fun with your friends, and that's the whole spirit of a wedding, right?

Brunch time

There's a growing trend for morning ceremonies. Aside from being much cheaper, they can then be followed by a wedding brunch! Avocado toast and mimosas, anyone?

Rose gold

Couples are starting to opt for the more unusual choices of pink champagne or rose gold for their wedding and engagement rings. Love!

Non-traditional bouquets

A new take on the traditional bouquet can make sure your wedding stands out. Instead of actual flowers, why not incorporate a floral feature onto your bag? Multi-purpose fashion at its absolute finest.

Pick a picnic reception

A picnic style wedding breakfast can also be a lot more fun than the traditional afternoon or evening meal. Think checked tablecloths, platters of picnic food, balloons and streamers - fingers crossed you might even be able to enjoy it al fresco...

Digital invitation cards

It's time to embrace digital - receiving a paper invitation is nice, but ultimately very wasteful. Instead, use augmented reality to share the details of the special day (and save on postage costs!)

Pre wedding shoots

Thanks to the abundance of social media platforms, everyone wants to look picture perfect. Why not have a rehearsal to make sure you get your smiles right? A pre-wedding photoshoot is a Godsend for the big day and helps get rid of some of the awkwardness for the real photos.

Your own Royal Variety Show

Weddings can be quite formulaic - from the cutting of the cake, to the first dance, to the throwing of the bouquet... Why not mix it up? What about a dance performance and an opera singer? Or better yet, a magician to give the guests more excitement!

The grand entrance

Forget the polite entrance of the bride and groom. Break away from the traditional and surprise the guests by arriving in a Bentley right inside the reception room. Talk about an entrance that no one will ever forget!

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