As I am getting married amongst the mountains, I thought on International Mountain Day I would share with you some of the perks of getting wed in the wilderness!

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

Of course a lot of it is about the photographs, but there are a few other reasons why it is appealing for a bride and groom to be- we investigate! 

The View

An obvious one, but there is nothing more beautiful than a bride and groom stood in all their finery, polished and perfect before a rugged landscape. The juxtaposition of the rough against the smooth makes for perfect photographs!

The Mood Shots

Capturing the right lighting of an ice white bride against a darkening sky and a monochrome rocky terrain has a real impact in the photograph album. It is certainly in keeping with black and white themed weddings as well as giving the pictures a modern edge.


In the style of Mamma Mia, if you can find a church in the mountains then you are very lucky indeed. Churches are beautiful on the inside but being situated in the hills away from everyone else, really gives the ceremony an exclusivity and privacy for you and you guests.

Ave Maria

There is something very Sound of Music about this shot! Whether you want to run up the hill singing, let your hair blow in the wind or outstretch your arms, a mountain is a great place to let loose and be free for some impromptu shots.


If you are having a themed wedding, the mountains can be the perfect venue for a medieval theme or perhaps a Lord of the Rings theme. There is scope to let your wedding be reminiscent of your favourite film or hobby.


Depending on the roads up to the church or spot you are getting married at, travelling by horse and cart is reminiscent of times gone by and adds a very traditional mode of transport to get you to the place where you will be wed. And if you can get some shots at sunset, all the better!


Generally lakes sit by other beautiful natural features such as lakes, and for those brave brides, who agree to a  shot where they are in the water from the waist down is a beautiful ode to the Lady of the Lake on your special day.


High altitudes can bring colder climates, so if you want to have a winter wedding, you might be promised a light dusting of snow on your day if you pick the right place and time of year!


Not only do the bride and groom look stunning against a mountainous background, this location is ideal for any other shots with something from the wedding in the foreground, such as the flowers, emphasizing the scope of the land that lies beyond!


If you look hard enough often you can find a trickling stream or waterfall coming from a mountainside, which is the one of the most becoming of all the scenery to be photographed in front of. The white of the rushing water compliments the white of the dress and the soothing tones of the falling water can calm those wedding day nerves!

Bride shots

A soft white bride’s dress laid over moss and rough boulders is a lovely contrast and of purity and innocence against the aged and worn, symbolising the old and the new.


There is always a chance to be original in shots taken on or around mountains to escape the general, everyday pictures that you see floating around all the time in wedding albums. This one for instance is exquisite, as it demonstrates the enormity and the presence that the mountain has in the shot against the bride. 

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