The preparations for your wedding might differ slightly if you're pregnant, so here are some top tips from the people at Mustela for brides to be with a baby in their belly.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

- To eliminate stretch marks ahead of the wedding, use Mustela's Stretch Marks double action to give your skin a moisture boost.

- Get a restful night's sleep, a full 7+ hours in bed preferably to be fully refreshed on the morning of your big day.

- Soak your feet before your pedicure the night before, this will help alleviate any swelling throughout the day.

- Use natural eye remedies for puffy eyes, cucumbers or warm tea bags will do the trick.

- Thoroughly moisturise your skin and bust with 'Firm Busting Cream' giving your bust a firmer, hydrated look when you're in your wedding dress.

- Invest in the right under garments, either maternity underwear or stretchy underwear so you feel supported all day long.

- Avoid corset dresses as these restrict the body around the tummy area- empire lines work well for pregnant brides as they flatter your breasts, go in above your bump and are floaty around your middle.

- Just before all the dancing, revitalise your tired legs with the 'Light Legs cream' so your pins are ready for a good boogie.

- Wear pretty but comfortable shoes as heels will make you focus on your feet all day instead of enjoying the experience.

- Style & comfort goes hand in hand so if you are comfortable you will look effortlessly beautiful to all of your guests and in your wedding photos.

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