Unwind from the commotion of the wedding by enjoying a honeymoon in Jamaica. This is a holiday destination that caters to your tastes. Whether you fancy a fortnight long party, two weeks of peace and luxury or an adrenaline-fuelled holiday, Jamaica has everything in place for you to enjoy the holiday you want.

Adult only resorts

Adult only resorts

Once there, you cannot fail to be seduced by at least a few of the many attractions on the island. We got together with luxury travel experts Destination2.co.uk to list some of our favourite reasons to visit Jamaica. Irie!

Adult only all inclusive luxury resorts

You’ve not enjoyed a hotel experience until you visit an all inclusive luxury resort in Jamaica. And if you’re on your honeymoon, choose an adult only one, to enjoy the ultimate peace, luxury and tranquillity. Sandals Royal Caribbean is one such resort that promises the world and certainly delivers. This hotel comes with its own private island and has eclectic amenities ranging from an intimate French restaurant to a British-style pub.

Float away on a bamboo raft

This is your chance to indulge in as much romance as possible. A bamboo rafting excursion takes you down the breathtaking Martha Brae River and lasts around 90 minutes during which you can learn about the culture and history of the area. The guide will allow you to stop off at bars and little stalls along the river so you can pick up some little artefacts and grab a refreshing drink along the way.

Order two Red Stripes in the middle of the sea

Fancy a few bevvies with a difference? Head to Pelican Bar, which is around a mile off the coast of Jamaica. Built by Floyd Forbes and originally just a watering hole for him and his fisherman friends, Pelican Bar is now on most tourist’s to-do lists when they visit Black River, the nearest town on the mainland. Pelican Bar tradition dictates that you can’t leave without carving your name into the wood. And if you have a license plate or flag, bring it and Floyd will proudly hang it up with the other countless relics of past patrons.

Boat trips to other islands

Jamaica well be a visual and sensual assault on the senses, but don’t forget that some other incredible islands aren’t too far way. In fact, there are several tour companies who lay on day trips by boat and plane to places like Cuba, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. The location of Jamaica is such that take a day or two out to explore surrounding areas is not only recommended, it is welcomed.

YS Falls

If you want a day of total fun, spend it at YS Falls. Located in St Elizabeth, it’s dubbed one of Jamaica’s finest natural attractions. Arrive at the site, and you’ll be carried on a tractor trailer to the falls. There you’ll be surrounded by seven waterfalls, lush greenery, mountains, fields of horses and the flowing river. Around the falls are zip rides, river tubing facilities and canopy rides. There are changing rooms nearby, a café, gift shop, bar and swimming pools – pretty much everything you need to hang out and have fun!

 Dunns River

Near Ocho Rios, Dunns River is another great example of Jamaica’s natural beauty. The waterfalls at 180 ft high but structured like a giant set of stairs. Every so often, there are lagoons which are interspersed by the vertical drop of the falls. The water empties into the Caribbean Sea by a white sand beach. Climbing the falls is a regular tourist pastime, however there are stairs by the falls for anyone who doesn’t want to get wet, or might struggle with the climb. The location with its incredible features has been used in many films including Cocktail and Dr No.

Make like Cool Runnings

For any fans of Cool Runnings, no trip to Jamaica would be complete without a bobsledding-related activity. The original bobsled from the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics is stationed at Montego Bay Airport. However, you can make like an Olympians and head to Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios to ride your own bobsled team. Of course, there’ll be no snow, but you will be treated to a 1,000m tree lined track that twists through mountains and rainforests. With the use of a handbrake, you can choose your speed – feel the rush of the wind in your hair, or slow down and take in the astounding views. The choice is yours!

Bob Marley Museum

You don’t come to Jamaica and avoid one of the best selling artists of all time. This museum is set in the large, creaking colonial house that Bob Marley lived in and recorded in from 1975 until his death in 1981. Join the hour long tour and get access to his gold and platinum discs, his famous denim shirts and various Rastafarian cloaks. There’s even a replica of Marley’s record shop, Wail’n Soul’m. The tour closes with a twenty minute film – a fitting tribute to a man who changed the landscape of music.

Witness water that glows in the dark

A trip to Glistening Waters is a must – but go at night time for obvious reasons. When darkness sets, you can enjoy a meal in the restaurant above before being taken down for the boat tour. When the water is disturbed by the boat, organisms within the water begin to glow, making a phosphorescent train as you move through the water. It’s an amazing sight and really quite romantic.

Learn the basics of scuba diving as a couple

You’re in prime scuba diving territory here. A peep below the surface of the water shows a subterranean world of colour, tropical fish and vivid coral. Try popular sites like the Throne Room, the underwater cave within the Negril Marine Park and a World War II minesweeper that now stands as an artificial reef. If you’re OK with spending time underwater, this is a perfect activity to experience as a couple.