If you are getting married soon and are struggling to think of entertainment for the eve of your wedding day- a magician could be just the ticket, here’s why…

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

It’s something different: If you have been to a lot of weddings, you will know that the go-to evening entertainment choices are generally photo booths, caricaturists and dancing. No-one will see a magician coming so a welcome change it will make. 

Magician Jack Brister says: 'Having a magician helps make your wedding stand out from the rest. There are so many forms of entertainment out there but very few are as versatile and unique as a magician.'

It keeps the guests happy: After the wedding breakfast, there is a lull before the first dance and the buffet, so guests might get a little bored waiting around. This is a great way to distract them before the next installment kicks in with some clever tricks and illusions to delight all.

Jack continues: 'These lulls pop up throughout the day and, in my experience, a magician can really boost these parts of the day. The ability for a magician to mix in with the groups of people allows people to sit back and relax whilst the magician comes to entertain them.'

It makes for a great opener for the first dance: There’s nothing more romantic than heading into your first dance after a magic trick has been performed with the bride and groom as the willing participants. You might even get a bottle of bubbly out of it too! 

It takes pressure off the bride and groom: While it is expected of the bride and groom to circulate around every one of their guests, it can be difficult- so while people are waiting to congratulate the happy couple, it will give them something to do or watch until such times when the newlyweds can free themselves up.

Jack says: I’ve worked with so many different brides and I can safely say that having me as part of the day has allowed them to relax and enjoy themselves more rather than worrying about their guests.

It’s something to remember: When you look back on your big day, you will always remember that you had a magician there to sprinkle a little wonder and excitement on you and your guests.  

There are photo opportunities galore: After all the important photos have been taken, the period of calm before the night unfolds is a great time to take some reaction pictures- especially of the bride and groom. A magician will deliver that by the top hat full! 

It captures the magic of the day: Your wedding day is magical in so many ways- from declaring your love to your significant other, to the bringing together of family and friends and the sharing of laughter and joy. What better way to represent this magic than with a person who epitomises the word!  

About Jack Brister: 

There is something magical about spring weddings – blooming bouquets, soft pastels and beautiful gardens turn the warmer season into the perfect setting for love. Capture the magic behind the perfect spring wedding with magician Jack Brister and turn your special day into a truly enchanting occasion.

Jack Brister delivers unique entertainment that brings the best to any occasion, from weddings to private parties, celebrity and luxury events. Adding a touch of magic to the most memorable occasions, Brister's exceptional skills are guaranteed to dazzle and amaze.

Seamlessly creating extraordinary moments, Brister performs mystifying illusions using everyday objects, such as cards, rings or coins. Inviting guests on a quest for the spectacular, he draws on an extensive repertoire to deliver unforgettable experiences.

For those seeking distinctive wedding entertainment, magic brings people together by forging a profound connection through shared experience. Wholly unique as a form of entertainment and naturally engaging, magic sparks a sense of wonder and delight that binds people and ignites conversation. 

Creating one of a kind moments, Brister gives bespoke performances which are specifically tailored to each event, and never replicated as each moment is unique to the person experiencing it. His magic defies expectations to leave viewers in total disbelief, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere for all guests.

Brister travels extensively in Europe and internationally and has performed at prestigious events such as Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix. 


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