As proposals go this is one of the most personal and creative videos on You Tube that I have seen.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

Not only does her boyfriend buy her a ring- he has also spent weeks making a customised set of drawers for her to store her nick nacks. He has gathered the family over to take pictures and see her reaction to the present. 

She clearly thinks that the handcrafted piece of furniture is enough- given how overwhelmed she appears to be by the chest of drawers itself.

Made from mahogany- he has designed sections for her earrings, her necklaces, bracelets and scarves- he has also put a gift inside each of the drawers. From gluten free cereal, to a roll of meat and what looks like her favourite snack bars. For people with any intolerance- free from food is very exciting gift indeed.

As she reaches the bottom drawer there is no handle, so after she replaces it and takes a closer look, there is much more than food and lining in there!

There are not many men out there who would put this much time an effort into a personal piece of furniture for their girlfriend, or so much thought into a proposal- so he has to be commended for being such a thoughtful partner.

And yes it made me cry! Now it's your turn! 

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