If you've found 'the one' but have avoided getting down on one knee for quite some time, you may be surprised at just how little your partner expects from you when it comes to doing the deed. According to new research from luxury holiday experts Destinology, more than half of people (55%) said that planning the perfect proposal should take just under a month or less to plan, with a further 17% saying a proposal shouldn't take any planning at all.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

72% even admitted that they don't expect their partner to seek their parent's permission before asking to marry them - which may be why love birds are opting for golden sands and privacy to propose, with a quarter saying that a weekend away or a trip abroad would make the occasion all the more pleasing. Unfortunately though, it's easier said than done. Which is why we've included some key considerations to make sure it's a "yes" from your fiancé- to-be.


Do your research before choosing a destination, especially if you're planning a getaway proposal. It's no good imagining an unforgettable backdrop to find you're stuck with nowhere scenic to ask the all-important question. Simple things such as checking how far away your accommodation is from the beach and that your airport transfer isn't too much of a slog can go a long way.

Make sure you take the time to plan it properly too. Although your partner may think it shouldn't take that long for you to plan the all-important day, you may however need to think more strategically. Doing things in a rush can lead to all sorts of nightmares, so just remember not to worry and relax - it is supposed to be an enjoyable experience after all.

Do work your charm and take time out to get to know the locals. They're the best people to ask about any hidden gems in and around your resort, and if you're lucky they may even be willing to put out all stops for the big occasion. Be cheeky enough to ask for the best seats in the house or to request a bottle of your partner's favourite wine, even if they do have to pre-order it!

Do be ready to tell the world. You'll both want to share the news with your friends and family as soon as you possibly can so it's worth checking that your chosen location has good (or at least some) phone coverage.


Don't spend too much money and end up being in the bad books. It appears from the data that proposals don't need to be an expensive affair, with a third (32%) of respondents saying that the cost of an engagement ring should be the only cost of a proposal.

Don't carry the ring with you. Pack it in your case that's going into the plane's hold. The first time the ring should be seen is when it's presented on one knee at your proposal, not when airport security staff are emptying bags and pockets to try identify a suspicious metal object.

Don't accidently spill the beans. If you have decided to go the extra mile to plan some extra specialities, be sure to keep them under wraps. But be professional. The last thing you want is your partner getting suspicious and wondering why you're sneaking around with sweaty palms.

So there you have them - some top tips for the perfect proposal abroad - but as it's a leap year when it's traditional for women to take the lead in proposing, maybe you won't need to!

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