Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Rowe first met Michael when she was working as a nurse in Dr Arnold Klein’s dermatology office, while Michael was receiving treatment for vitiligo.


She remembered how bad he felt when he was unable to be a father after his divorce from Lisa Marie Presley in 1996, so vowed to have his children.


She became pregnant in 1996 and the couple married on 14th November 1996 in Sydney Australia.


Their first child, Michael Joseph was born on 13th Feb 1997, who was later known as ‘Prince’.


Paris Michael Katherine was born on 3rd April 1998 and Jackson decided to raise the children on his own, which Rowe agreed to in their divorce.


The pair separated in October 1999 as Rowe received $8,000,000 and a house in Beverly Hills California after giving full parental rights to him. 

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