Michael and Shakira Caine celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary today so we reflect on their time together as husband and wife with some things you might not know about the couple.

Michael and Shakira Caine (Famous)

Michael and Shakira Caine (Famous)

  1. Caine and Baksh marred on 8th January 1973 in Las Vegas.
  2. They met after Caine saw her on the Maxwell House coffee advert.
  3.  The story goes that his friend in the advertising business gave him her telephone number and the rest is history.
  4. He apparently called every day for 10 days until she agreed to meet up with him.
  5. He reportedly thought she was ‘the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.’ (Wikipedia)
  6. Caine was apparently willing to travel to Brazil to find her, but as it turned out- she lived in London too.
  7. They now have a daughter- Natasha Haleema.
  8. Caine is Christian, and Shakira is a Muslim- but as he told The Guardian in 2009 "My wife is a Muslim and she does Muslim stuff; I'm a Christian and I do Christian stuff, and no questions ever come up. The media view of Muslims is different from mine, which is very benign and peaceful."

And here's the video that started their romance... 

Happy wedding anniversary Michael and Shakira!

Source: Wikipedia and IMDB. 

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