Home time- You tell your spouse when you will be home and if you are making a trip after work to the shops so they don't think you are dead.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

Spelling doesn't matter- If auto-text sends something inappropriate- it gives you something to laugh at when you get home and makes your text way more exciting than normal.

You no longer need to impress- You don't worry about length or whether what you are staying is interesting- you just type and send- editing and proof reading no longer exist.

Food related texts happened a lot- What you are having for your evening meal, menu choices if you are going out or what to pick up at the shops. Food makes up 90% of your exchanges now.

Necessary information- You have become direct and no longer waste your time of frivolous texts- if you text it's for a very good reason now. Question-answer, question-answer.

'I love yous' are few and far between- You cherish an 'I love you' text more than ever before.

One of you texts and the others doesn't answer- The depressing sight of just one colour in your inbox- and it's all you.

You text while your partner is on the toilet- If you can't be bothered going upstairs and hovering outside the door- you text them to hurry up, listen for the flush- and then make your move.

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