It is almost socially acceptable for a man to cheat on his stag do, given the 'what happens in this postcode stays in this postcode’ mantra that they throw back in our faces. With the usual serving of alcohol, combined with a stripper or scantily clad women, the temptation becomes too much for a lot of attached males.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

Some women would call off their wedding if their men cheated, some would sit at home crying all night worrying about what they were up to and some would think, that they were entitled to do the same.

A hen and stag party often acts as a ‘hall pass’ for couples do get the last ounce of freedom out of their systems before a life time of commitment.

Illicit encounters found that 11% of men and 3% of women cheated on their hen and stag dos in 2011. However when the survey was repeated this year, the women’s percentage was the same as the male’s.

91% of female agreed that the ‘what happens on tour stays on tour’ concept could be applied to a hen do, as they got in the same mind-set as the men for their prenuptual celebrations.

Rosie Freeman-Jones, spokesperson for comments:

 “Today Women are just as empowered, if not more so than men to look out for their ladies, sticking firmly together whatever a friend's actions maybe, and hen party antics are no exception”.

Illicit encoutners member* Alice Smart, 35 from Surrey, told us:

 “I did have a one night stand on my hen party, but in a strange way I felt entitled to. I could not wait to marry my husband, but I also felt a burning desire to behave as if I was a single girl that night. When I confided in my girlfriends they were non-judgemental and could understand why the temptation to have one last throw away night would appeal”

Women worry so much about their partners being unfaithful, that it is ranked in the top three events where females think their partners will go astray, however it looks like men might have to bump up this on their list too!

All of the girls in the office were in agreement that cheating is cheating regardless of where you are or what even it is. To add insult to injury you are so close to the wedding that it sets the wrong tone for the rest of your married life.

What are your thoughts? Is it right if both parties agree to it? Or is it still a taboo?

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