Congratulations- you have made it to five years- nearly- here we have some gift ideas for your traditional offering of wood.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Furniture- Every couple has a piece of furniture they would like to replace as many start off with hand me downs from their friends and family while they build up a nest of their own. This is a wonderful excuse to be able to treat yourselves as a couple.

Chopping Board- If your partner is a keen cook, then get them a personalized chopping board- they may never use it but at least it will look pretty in your kitchen!

Memory Box- You must have a lot of memories by now and things that trigger them- so an engraved memory box might just be what your partner needs to store them all in.

Planter- If your lover is a keen gardener, a wooden planter could be just the trick- you can turn it into a little flower bed or herb garden- whatever you wish.

Photo Frame- Wooden photo frames give a rustic vibe to the home and look great with a picture of you doing something outdoorsy inside.

Tools- If your partner needs a tool- look for one with a wooden handle and you can get it engraved if you like that sort of thing.

Money box- Every couple could do with holding back a bit on their spending- so this is a great way to save up for something special that you both really want.

Pen- There are some very sophisticated looking wooden pens out there- so if your spouse is a writer or takes pride in their stationary- this is the perfect present.

Bird Box/ Table- If your husband or wife enjoys doing things in the garden; this is a lovely gesture to invite more wildlife into your outdoor space.

Walk in the woods- If you are strapped for cash- a walk in the woods with a picnic will do just fine! 

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