Ingle and Rhode found that over a quarter of women were disappointed with their proposal, so here are some tips to avoid the top three things going wrong.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

'It didn't live up to my expectations'- Women are bombarded with proposals on TV, in movies and romance novels- all of which set the bar pretty high for men when they pop the question.

If you want it to be dream worthy, I guess the only thing to think about is making it tailored to your partner as much as possible. If they don't like being the centre of attention or a big song and dance, then perhaps opt for something simple and private at home or somewhere secluded.

If they do like to be fussed ove- it might be wise to ask for some help if you think it's too big to pull off on your own. If you insist on keeping it a secret- it will take some careful planning and thought.

'It was the situation or setting'- If you want to say a few words with your proposal- a restaurant or busy park might not be the best place to pull out the ring. If you do something way out of the ordinary they might guess what you're up to. Think about what you want to say and what the possible interruptions and distractions could be in each setting you consider then move it to somewhere else if necessary.

Can you take them to somewhere that means a lot to both of you as a couple or to them?

'It was the ring'- If you have no idea what kind of ring they would like- you could propose and then take them to pick their own in a store or better yet have a bespoke one made with a reputable company.

Or if they are not too precious about surprises you could talk openly about your engagement and buy the ring with them first then pick a spot to hand it over.

Alternatively, take note of the jewellery style they normally wear- small and simple or big and extravagant? This can give you a good idea of what they would like.

If you don't plan to propose to them for a little while you can always ask them what their ideal ring would look like- just for your own education.

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