Steve got in touch with The Proposers after he saw their TV show in Spain. He wanted to ask his partner Alba to marry him but needed a helping hand.

Steve and Alba with The Proposers

Steve and Alba with The Proposers

Alba loves classical music and after talks with The Proposers he settled on Johann Pachelbel's Canon as the song he would propose to.

The next step was to decide on where. The Italian Gardens in Hyde Park seemed like the natural setting. The elegance and beauty of the gardens complimented the classical music perfectly.

On the day it all happened, Steve and Alba took a walk through the park. When they reached the fountains, the string quartet began to play. Alba was thrilled that she had front row seats to their performance.

A minute or so into the song, The Proposers' very own Daisy placed a large tag on the gift that was upon the easel; it read 'Alba- open me!'

She looked at Steve and began to cry. When she opened the gift, there was a frame inside that read; 'Te amo Alba. Quieres casarte conmigo?' which means, 'I love you Alba, Will you marry me?' in English.

When she turned back, Steve was on one knee with a ring and he asked her to be his wife again.

How could she refuse- she said yes!

And to top it off- Steve's Dad and his wife who live in the UK appeared with a bottle of champagne.

Steve was over the moon with the proposal and said, 'I have just got back from London with my now fiancée, a trip which turned out to be the best we have had together.

We both live in Spain, and had planned in January a visit to London for October. I knew then that this was the perfect time to propose to my girlfriend, we have been together for 5 years and were friends 8 years prior.

I spent the next few months thinking of a way to do it, would it be the usual romantic dinner? I didn't really want to do that, I wanted something like what you see on TV. But I thought this was impossible to do unless I emailed a TV show or something like that. I found The Proposers, my heart started racing. I couldn't believe it, there were people who could actually organise your proposal to what you want. I saw every episode that was aired on Sky, and loved them all.

I have read the other reviews and I must agree, The Proposers were awesome! It's amazing how they arranged everything, the details and how much they cared. I was very nervous and they always found a way to comfort me assuring me that all was going to be perfect. And as my Fiancée said, "it was more than perfect, where did you find these guys?"

I don't know if they are aware of how much they have touched our lives with organising the event. This is once in a lifetime and I wanted it to be so special for Alba, just the look in her eyes told me that it was more than perfect. This was thanks to The Proposers.

The proposal will live long in our memories, how special it all was and it was definitely the best day of our lives to date. And for that I will always be thankful to you Soma, to you Daisy, to you The Proposers.

Gracias, Gracias, Gracias.'

Alba also let us know how much she loved the proposal. 'A day to remember for the rest of my life! Thank you to all the fantastic team of The Proposers for making this day the most special day of my life!'

Congratulations Alba and Steve!

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