Picking affordable finishing touches for your wedding can be a nightmare. But one quick and easy solution is to use chair covers and sashes. You can decorate your wedding guests' chairs for the wedding reception, which can be moved into your wedding breakfast room so you can double up on their use!

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

Suitable for the contemporary or the old fashioned wedding venue, these little numbers lighten up any room and subtly tie in with your colour scheme.

We talk to Lee from Chair Covers Northwest about what this simple wedding sundry can do to change the look of your room and give that all important finish.

Chair covers are just that - a finishing touch. They're probably the simplest element of any wedding dressing, but really finish off a room.  When you see a room before, and after chair covers the difference is mesmerising!’

If you like the look of this for your day, as with every element  of planning a wedding; get in there first because services like this book up very fast!

As with anything, we simply ask that they are booked as early as possible.  We do accommodate many last minute bookings, but if set up is required it is wise to book early.’

Lee assures us that this is one less thing you have to worry about arranging an appointment for; ‘A visit usually isn't required when choosing sash colours.  By time the bride contacts us the colour scheme has already been decided, and we simply supply in line with that.’ So all you have to worry about is choosing the colour and I know this is a feat in itself!

There is often upwards of a hundred people that you need to speak to on your wedding day, including your hair stylist, your vicar, wedding officiant, registrar and of course all of your guests so the less you need to worry about the better. Lee says:

We aim for you not notice us!  We'll be in and out of the venue in a professional manner, usually before the florists etc., and then we collect the day after. Very swift, efficient and simple!’


Some brides opt for not one but two colour schemes and that is something that can also carry through to your guests’ chairs; ‘You can mix and match your sashes, or even go for a double sash. No extra charge!’ (We like to hear those words! Especially after everything else that comes with those hidden fees you didn’t know about when you signed up!)

Chair Covers Northwest have done many a wedding and their only advice for those Brides to be out there is; ‘White-on-white gets a little lost in the room!’


And for those who are looking to mix it up a bit, I asked Lee if the bride and groom ever break the mould and have something different at their table; ‘That's a personal choice.  The vast majority of our clients have their chairs all the same.’ So it’s up to you if you want to go with the grain or do something a bit different. There seems to be every combination to suit the budding bride and groom to be!

So there you have it! A reasonably priced option to transform your room into one that looks like its cost more than a bob or two! (and no-one will ever know!)

Ta dah! 

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