The couple began their relationship while shooting the film Two Much in which they starred together- he was rumoured to have ran out of his trailer to introduce himself and ask how old she was. After Banderas' divorce to Ana Leza in April 1996, the couple got married a month later in May in a small ceremony in London following whirlwind romance.

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas (Famous)

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas (Famous)

They have a daughter together, Stella, who starred alongside her mother in Banderas' directional debut Crazy in Alabama. Banderas once said: 'Melanie is more of a disciplinarian with the little girl than me, probably because it's my first baby. She gets everything easy from Papa. I am more weak. She takes advantage of me.' (IMDB)

In 2002, the pair received a 'Stella Adler Angel Award' for their continued support through their charity work.

Griffith has openly shown her love for her husband with her tattoo; 'Antonio' in a heart on her right shoulder that she displays proudly on the red carpet.

Banderas was reportedly a fan of his wife's movies long before he met her. He told a Spanish magazine that after her performance in Something Wild that he hoped someday that their paths would cross. He beamed, 'I admired Melanie before I loved her.' (IMDB)

Despite the pressures to look good in Hollywood, Banderas has a very firm opinion on Griffith getting any more work done. 'This lust for beauty is a terrible thing. I've forbidden her from ever going to a cosmetic surgeon again. It is something we have agreed to for the sake of our marriage.' (IMDB)

In June 2014, the couple released a statement announcing that they we intending to get divorced 'in a loving and friendly manner,' citing irreconcilable differences as their reason for separation. (Wikipedia) The divorce was finalised in December 2015.