It's National Barbie and Barney Backlash Day so we thought we would get some bridal inspiration from Barbie. So, if you're a bride looking for some ideas- check this out!

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First


We like to see that Barbie keeps up with current trends in the wedding dress department. What might have once been considered quite antiquated; Kate Middleton made us fall in love in love with lace all over again. Barbie's dress has a subtle lace detailing over the ivory silk in the shape of flowers- not too overstated- just simple, elegant and in vogue.

Colour scheme

There was no way of escaping pink on Barbie for her wedding day to Ken; however we like the small bursts of colour to accentuate the dress. Pink may not be your thing but imagine it as another colour; the subtlety of the flowers, sash, earrings and tiara pulling out your colour scheme. You might not like it all but one or two of these accessories in your signature wedding colour could give your plain dress the lift it needs to tie in with your bridesmaids.


The hair needs to be styled but not too much. There is nothing worse than a hairstyle on your wedding day that doesn't move because it's coated in too much hair spray. The 'tap and crack' as I like to call it. You need the balance between- the best your hair has ever looked- but like you could recreate it at home. Anything else can look too much and unnatural on you. If you like your hair curly- getting it professionally done will give it that edge, but in keeping with your normal look. A big curl at the bottom like Barbie can give a professional touch to normally unruly, wavy hair.

Make up

The smoky eyes are all in with the bridal community at the moment, so it's not a look to be frightened of on your wedding day, but make sure you don't go over the top on the black eye shadow. Barbie has it just right- her eyes are popping.

The Veil

Even for those non-religious, non- traditional folk, a veil could still work for you. Even if you don't pull it over your face, a long veil at the back draping down can complement a long hair do. Just like Barbie's long blonde locks.

Flattering Cut 

If you are concerned about your midriff, a wrap topped dress could disguise anything you're self-conscious about around there. It will make your breasts centre stage and draw the eye away from the tummy area. 

Work the dress

You need to wear the dress not let the dress wear you. Stand up straight so every detail can be captured. If you have expensive earrings on, then ask your hair stylist to part your hair in a way that puts them on show. The same goes for your tiara- if you only have a little one, it can get lost if your hair is too puffy at the top. If you have detailed shoulders on the dress, allow your hair to drop behind your shoulders to show the details off. Don't hold your flowers right in front of you to block the front of your dress. This is so often where the dress draws the eye because it will have some ruchering or diamantes, although your flowers may be lovely- your dress was more expensive so don't cover it up. In the photographs, raise you're hand so it's almost at your hip- if it's at the side of you, it won't show off your lovely curves in the dress like Barbie demonstrates.


She has a theme and she's stuck with it. Try not to mix and match your accessories too much. Buy sets that match one another or you will look like a walking jewellery cart. A mix of silver and gold or beading with glitter, might spoil the entire look. Stick with one metal and carry it through all of your accessories.


No-one appreciates a moody bride on her wedding day. Save it for the before and the after if something is getting you stressed. You only have a few short hours to get pictures of you looking like a million dollars and a frown can really take the shine off things.

Now go and get wedding ready...