Following the National Asian Wedding Show at the weekend- we were curious to find out what will be the hottest trends in the Asian wedding dress markert next year- so here they are! 

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First


Velvet has been loved since time immemorial. This fabric has always been a favourite with designers, as it has varying applications, from making handbags and shoes and other accessories like velvet scarves and jackets to the more traditional Lehengas (A form of skirt from the Indian subcontinent), Sherwanis (Coat-like garment for men), blouses and Cholis (midriff-baring blouse top). After a brief hiatus from common view, Velvet is now back in trend in Asian weddings. The fabric is perceived as luxurious and classy across the sub-continent and has made its way back to the forefront with prominent fashion brand names like Sabyasachi, BIBI London and Maharanis all having ventured into this plush fabric this season. Velvet adds a royal feel to any wedding. It is most popular in winter weddings due to its weight and thickness.


Florals have in the past portrayed as particularly difficult to pull-off during the winter wedding season, but 2017 brings new surprises and inspires us all with a deviant trend of floral dresses at weddings moving the trend out of spring. Florals will add an exciting twist to your ensemble and make you look super cute! So embrace this opportunity and look out for fun floral prints by Mongas or Neetikas Couture

Colour for men

Gone are the days where men only wore white or black on their wedding day, colour is in – it is no longer just the women who wear bright red colours, men are now loving colours such as red, maroon and even blue.

Pants at a wedding

Enough of those cliché kurta pyjamas on every man about to wed. Also gone are those days where dhotis (unstitched single garment traditionally worn like pants) were associated as a poor man’s choice of garments.

In 2017, trendy pants are in style commonly donned with Kurtas (Upper Garment). The humble dhoti has become the hottest trend for men this season.

Powder Blue

Powder Blue is a beautiful colour with a refreshing edge. It carries a perfect mix of feminimity with a contemporary feel and is brilliant for all wedding functions.

Jodhpuri Bandhgalas

Jodhpuri bandhgalas are essentially a shorter variations of Sherwanis. The bandhgala ends near the hips and gives a more contemporary look when paired with trousers. The bandhgala suit is basically the Indian traditional variation of the western suit. This outfit has become a favoured look for the modern Indian groom. That’s not surprising, as it blends very smoothly with numerous options like trousers, Jodhpur pants and dhotis resulting in highly attractive looks.

Anarkali’s for Men

Named after the legend of Anarkali – a slave girl in Mughal emperor Akbar’s court, who was infamously buried alive inside a wall for her illicit affair with Crown-Prince Salim. The Anarkali Kurta (frock-style top and features a slim fitted bottom) has for ages been associated with females, however, 2017 has witnessed this trend flow towards men. The liquefied effect of anarkali is controlled by structured layers in the design for men. Anarkalis have always had an inherent regal, Mughal charm and an anarkali donning Indian groom radiates similar aura.

Classic Champagne

This is a classy and elegant look that breaks away from tradition. It is perfect for those who want go for an understated yet sophisticate look. It is also considerably romantic.

Dark Grey

Grey is very much out-of-the-box when it comes to wedding dresses, and the shade has to be absolutley perfect to avoid it becoming dull. However the latest designs from the Asian wedding industry, including the Icy shade of grey can be spectacular.

The Pastels

The 2017 trends lean towards the soft pastels, with a wide range of colour combinations including creams and whites.  Sparkle and blush is a combination of soft rose and pistachio colours with pretty detailing, bold sequin textures and gold glitter. The combination of bling and pastel colours are very in at the moment and ooze a subtle warmth.

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