A recent survey by Ernest Jones revealed over one third of couples in the UK announce their engagement on social media before sharing the news with their families.

Seeing what other people are doing gives you the confidence to really put your stamp on your own proposal

Seeing what other people are doing gives you the confidence to really put your stamp on your own proposal

It might not be the traditional approach, but there’s no denying its popularity. So we’re taking a look at how social media has influenced modern day proposals and – in some ways – made them even better than before.

Creative inspiration

Thousands of proposal photos, videos and ideas are shared every day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all the rest. You’ve got a world of inspiration at your fingertips, including things which you’d never dream up on your own. Check out @howheasked on Instagram for creative ideas and heart-warming stories.

Lovebird selfie

Social media and the rise of the selfie has placed new levels of importance on the engagement photo. Of course, you’re capturing much more than the big sparkler on your hand. This picture is filled with emotion and is something you can treasure forever.

Professional shoot

If you can’t quite master the selfie, you could book a professional photo shoot. With engagement photos becoming such an important part of the occasion, it’s no wonder more couples are organising them. Maybe it’s social media, maybe it’s the royal wedding – whatever’s inspiring you, it’s great that you’re documenting this special time.

Pre-proposal pampering

According to Ernest Jones’ recent study, one in 10 women have their hair, makeup and nails done beforehand so they can capture the perfect engagement shot. A bit of self-love is healthy, and if social media is encouraging us to book in for some pampering, then there’s really no harm in that.

Picturesque settings

From white sand beaches to snow-capped mountains, the incredible locations we see on social media could be encouraging more adventurous and exciting proposals. Whether it’s inspired by want of a good photo backdrop or not, these picturesque surroundings promise a truly breathtaking moment.

Proposal props

Seeing what other people are doing gives you the confidence to really put your stamp on your own proposal, whether it’s getting down on one knee with an inflatable ring or spelling it out with doughnuts. Social media has underlined the fact that this is your moment, and you can make it as personal and wacky as you like.

Viral videos

Instead of a static photo, you can relive the special moment second-by-second with a video. If you share it on social media, you might even go viral. According to Ernest Jones, one in ten UK couples now capture their engagement on film, creating a home video that will never get old.

Public declaration

Marriage is a public declaration of love, and getting engaged is the first step towards that. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram let you tell the world how happy you are and that’s a beautiful thing. So if you want to shout it from the rooftops, we’ll support you all the way.

Worldwide wishes

Social media may have its faults, but when you announce your engagement you can hear from your friends in seconds - wherever they are in the world. From Australia to Timbuktu, you can receive love and support from all the special people in your life.

Private time

With your engagement photo online for all to see, you can relax with your fiancé and enjoy life as an engaged couple. You don’t have to spend hours calling around all of your friends – they already know. So you can pop the corks and enjoy some time together. 

Whether you’re a social media addict or an enemy of the ‘gram, take this quiz to help find the perfect proposal idea for the special person in your life.