If you’re looking to mix things up this year and buy a vegan calendar for yourself or someone you love, here’s why we think they are a great choice. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Sweets over chocolate: Perhaps you’ve tried all the chocolate brands and none of them float your boat, or maybe you favour fruity flavours over creamy ones- that’s fine- because you can opt for vegan jelly sweets instead! Take for instance the Candy Kittens Advent Calendar that contains zingy flavours like Sour Watermelon, Wild Strawberry, Tropical Mango and Blueberry Bliss. 

Multiple brands: If you or someone else likes to mix up their vegan chocolate brands- you could always get a ‘fill your own advent calendar’- that way you have the flexibility to put chocolates, sweets or even small tokens in the compartments instead of sticking with the same thing for 25 days in a row. 

Little vegans: There are advent calendars on the market that also cater for small vegans so if you are buying for a plant based toddler- Organix has you covered with their selection of oaty bites and jammy monster biscuits. These are also ideal if you are trying to control your little one’s chocolate consumption until the big day! 

Crunch over cream: Why not choose a popcorn advent calendar to make a bit of a change? The perfect accompaniment if you are having a Christmas movie fest in the run up to the 25th. Your accompanying snacks to movie night will be covered with the popcorn advent calendar variety! 

Beauty over snacks: If you’re less of a snacker and more of a vegan beauty queen- then you can set the edibles to one side and go for a beauty advent calendar instead. That way you can replace stuffing your face with pampering it instead! 

Bitter over creamy: If you prefer sharp as opposed to ‘milky’ chocolate, there are plenty of options on the market to satisfy your tastebuds with 100% dark chocolate pieces inside. 

Traditional: And if you just want to maintain tradition in your house, there are plenty of advent calendars that are in keeping with what you’ve come to know and love. So don’t fret, if you want to keep up with long established habits around Christmastime, you still can.

Merry Christmas to all the vegans out there! 

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