We’re finally living in a world where single use plastic is persona non grata and choosing a healthy, ethical and sustainable lifestyle is the path many are taking. It’s important to make sustainable choices in all aspects of our lives, including when it comes to our wardrobe. Sustainable fashion may seem like a unrelatable buzz word that suggests a neutral coloured hemp sack but it’s so much more than that. As consumers we are usually unaware of how a garment comes into existence, but we need to become more involved in the story of the clothes we buy. We need to ask ourselves how are fashion brands making a difference to help the environment and how can we pull our weight?

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First

Luxury swimwear brand, NAECO, who create swim shorts out of 15 recycled plastic bottles share their top tips on how to make ethical fashion choices and 3 reasons to buy sustainable clothing.

We need to know the story of our clothes

The days of fast fashion have led to us consumers usually only having a relationship with the finished garment and not with the process of how it came into being. Retailers should do as much as possible to reveal the journey and the story of the clothing to their consumers. NAECO’s story for example stems from the founder, Zak Johnson’s wish to rid the ocean of plastic contamination. As an avid kite surfer and scuba diver Zak has seen first-hand the devastation that plastic is causing the ocean’s ecosystem. He says: “Over the years I have seen more and more plastic in the ocean that is spoiling the ecosystem. By investigating the two major issues of ocean plastic and the damage that the fast fashion industry has caused, we realised that we can make a product that not only looks great but also has a huge impact on our global environment, while making a difference to everyone’s lives.”

We should be investing in high quality that will last

Fast fashion is leading to us buying too much, too cheaply. This leads to retailers struggling to keep their prices low to meet everyone’s demands. Corners get cut and production chains usually suffer. To ensure ethical production maybe we should think twice about buying that £5 high-street top and invest in materials we know will last and clothes that were produced ethically. NACEO has incorporated cutting edge recycling methods and technology to create revolutionary and high-quality fabrics that are durable. Plastic bottles are re-born and repurposed into luxury clothing, made to last. The material is then infused with state-of-the-art Nanotechnology to provide water repelling properties, resulting in swim shorts that instantly dry the moment you step out of the water. This process also offers far greater UV protection, longevity and stain repellent properties. “NAECO symbolises what I believe the fabrics of the future should be and what I believe a luxury fashion brand of the future needs to be.”, says founder Zak Johnson.


Sustainable does not mean we have to compromise on style

Going with an eco-friendly brand doesn’t mean you have to compromise on being fashionable. Shopping ethically does not mean knitting your own clothes and shapeless hemp sacks. On the contrary! NAECO for example ensures a clear conscience but at the same time ensures a great look and is inspired by elegant British tailoring. Thanks to a timeless cut, the shorts are tailored to fit perfectly. They come in classic navy blue, black, red and sea blue but are also just about to launch a with a stunning, limit edition print featuring 10 of the most endangered sea creatures. Designed and made in London NAECO is a unique mix of stylish simplicity and sustainability, perfect for every (fashion) conscious man.

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