With plenty of bank holidays around the corner and summer on the horizon, many of us will be setting off across the UK for mini-breaks and trips to see relatives. One of the best parts of a trip is dining out, but it can be frustrating to find limited vegan options in an area you’re not familiar with. Thankfully, the number of restaurants with vegan menus is growing across the country and many make for fantastic visits for eager British travellers. Here we speak to easyCar.com’s Morgan Young, to find out his favourite city destinations with vibrant vegan restaurants.

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First


Brighton is known for being one the most veggie-friendly towns in Britain, and rest assured you will have various restaurants to choose from, including Terre a Terre, a restaurant with a as one of the best in the UK. The restaurant is incredibly accommodating with a huge range of vegan options and the ability to substitute many dishes, as well as an extensive vegan wine list.

Iydea is a counter service vegetarian restaurant where you can build your perfect plate or box of food from all the vegan offers of the day.  Half of the main courses offered are vegan, with typical offerings including sweet potato lasagna, Thai curry or nutty vegetable crumble. This is a must-visit when stopping in town.


Of course, the capital is bound to offer more options than anywhere else and with around 50 exclusively vegan restaurants throughout the city, London has more vegan establishments than anywhere else in the UK.

One of the best places to go is Vantra Vitao on Oxford Street, almost next door to Tottenham Court Road tube station. It offers raw and cooked vegan dishes, and a buffet in a small and cosy plant-filled café.

If you are with a group of friends who are not vegans themselves, SAGAR would be an ideal choice. SAGAR is a branch of four vegetarian South Indian restaurants all over London and have a large separate  à la carte vegan menu. The portions are decently sized and they even sell various types of vegan wine.

If you are looking for an option a little way from the hustle and bustle of the main city, head to Hackney to find the Black Cat Café, which offers vibrant well-proportioned and great-looking  vegan dishes, from dirty vegan burgers with sweet potato chips to fantastic soy milkshakes, curries and cakes. Additionally, you can find a large assortment of vegan ingredients to buy and use at home.


Manchester is proud of its vegan credentials and is home to some brilliant restaurants offering great tasting food, like the The Allotment, a restaurant that prides itself on bringing veganism into your life without sacrificing taste. The options are endless at this establishment and the ambiance is perfect for a night out eating and drinking with friends.

In addition to the The Allotment, Bistro 1847 offers various delicious options for vegans and makes dining out an easier and enjoyable experience. It’s a great place to visit with a group of friends and has sister restaurants across the country in Birmingham, Bristol and Brighton.


Glasgow certainly has more vegan eateries than most cities and leads the way in Scotland.

One of the best places to go in Glasgow is Mono, a multi-functional vegan restaurant that not only offers a variety of vegan delights, but also hosts several events and exhibitions.

Cosily tucked away into Renefield Lane in Glasgow’s city centre is Stereo, a fantastic vegan restaurant, with plenty of delicious options, doubling as a late-night bar and club venue with regular DJ hosts.  

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