At Spring Green we are passionate about food – healthy, beautiful, delicious and nutrient dense food. One of the easiest ways of achieving all of this is to champion whole foods. Every time food is harvested it goes through certain processes, the less processes your ingredients go through the greater the benefit to your health. Here are our top 7 reasons to focus on whole foods: 

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First

Whole foods are generally more filling. If you are looking to stop snacking, and to fill up on good calories that keep you going from one meal to the next then whole foods are a great place to start. The reason for this is that whole foods take a bit longer to digest. They haven’t been broken down for you and therefore your body has to work at separating the fibre from the nutrients before they can pass through your digestive system.

As a rule, whole foods are more nutrient dense. A whole apple has a lot more vitamins and minerals in than apple juice. Often when foods are juiced or processed certain elements of the fruit or vegetables are left out – like the pulp and skin which are filled with phytonutrients and fibre.

A common factor in nearly all modern processed foods is the amount of additives that are hidden – salt, sugars, bad fats. Hidden ingredients in processed meals has been named as a cause in the rise of Type 2 Diabetes. Eating natural whole foods means you know exactly what you are getting allowing you to create meals with complete understanding of all the ingredients.

Fibre is an essential part to any diet and is essential to keep our gut healthy. Whole foods exercise our digestive system like a muscle keeping it working properly.

Eating wholefoods has been directly linked to lowering your likelihood of developing heart disease and certain cancers – feeding your body the nutrients it needs and avoiding unnatural, processed foods.

As I mentioned, Spring Green isn’t just about nutrition – one of our biggest passions is flavour. Whole foods have pure and natural flavours and offer a much more creative way of working with foods to develop delicious recipes.

The last thing to note about whole foods is that you can decide what you do with them – from a fresh, whole beetroot you can make a puree, a burger, or a risotto. You can boost all of your dishes with nutrient dense ingredients helping keep you happy and healthy.

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