Who would have thought that nettle compliments the scent of any other ingredient- let alone be used in a bathing product? Well here we have it and- yes cherry and nettle works well as a smell combination.

Original Source Cherry and Nettle

Original Source Cherry and Nettle

I am not going to lie, when I first dispensed some of the product onto my hand it looked a lot like blackcurrant jam and has the same consistency- but thankfully none of the stickiness! If you get any on your walls it does look like there has been an explosion in the jam factory. As usual the colour of the product is vibrant and makes you want to break it open and put it to use.

I can only describe the nettle smell as the scent you get from walking in a garden- its fresh and conjures up thoughts of a rural setting. It will appeal to anyone who enjoys a stroll in the countryside. The cherry works well to sweeten the scent- so there's a perfect balance between the two.

I like to shave with Original Source products as they lather up well and it saves me a lot of money in shaving cream. I also don't like mixing my scents too much in the shower- better to be consistent.

I am yet to find an Original Source that I don't like- the products never fail to deliver, even if the combinations are a little unorthodox- they all add the their charm!

I would strongly recommend trying this limited edition scent if you have worked your way through all of the others. If you haven't then get it while it lasts!

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