One thing I’ve noticed lately- when there’s a buffet on offer the vegan options are very limited. Beyond hummus and veggies or a pickled onion, it’s slim pickings. Usually the pasta and rice salads are coated in mayo, the sandwiches have meat or eggs inside and the crisps have milk in them.   

Linda Mccartney's Mini Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls

Linda Mccartney's Mini Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls

So, that is where products like this will come in very handy! If you’re off to a party where you know there will only be meat eaters and veggies there, you can throw some of these in the oven so you’re guaranteed to have something to eat when you get there.

I get far too excited when a new vegan product comes out on the market so I begged my meat-loving husband to try one to get his thoughts. He said he couldn’t taste the difference- that’s a big deal coming from him.

I reckon if you are hosting a party and pop some of these out- no one would know that they were eating vegan food.

The rolls just need a little bruising with some plant-based milk- I used almond- and then they go in the oven for twenty minutes or so. What could be easier?

The pasty was crispy, puffy and light and the filling tasted just like any other sausage roll I’ve had at a buffet. Sadly, I couldn’t really taste the apple- but that might have something to do with how much tomato sauce I used to dip them in.

Another quick and easy meal choice for lazy vegans like me. I had mine with a heap of salad so I felt less guilty for having all that pastry but you could easily serve them with something more indulgent like chips.

Linda McCartney’s have really impressed me with their latest additions to their range so here’s hoping the next one they bring out is just as exciting!

Available from today.