By Karin Ridgers 

Jasmine Harman

Jasmine Harman

Presenter Karin Ridgers VegfestUK’s media partner VeggieVision TV interviews TV and radio presenter Jasmine Harman, who was on the celebrity vegan panel at VegfestUK London 2017 and who is delighted to be back at VegfestUK at their Brighton edition in 2018.

Jasmine will be part of the judging panel at the final of The FxEctive Factor vegan talent contest on Saturday March 24th 2018 at the Brighton Centre as part of VegfestUK Brighton 2018 – she will be there alongside 4 other celebrity judges to help score the 8 contestants at the final and decide who the winner of the competition is.

Jasmine and I first connected 6 years ago when I heard she was vegetarian, although I did see her several years previously as she walked past me at a big travel event in London. This stunning nearly 6 foot lady made an impression on everyone as she walked by pulling her suitcase behind her. Little did I know then she was a fellow veggie and that I was going to give her a some support transitioning to be vegan …..let alone that she would name me as one of her TV Hero’s with Davina McCall and Sir David Attenborough in Total TV Guide magazine!

Now Jasmine Harman is an outstanding vegan ambassador and although she leads a hectic lifestyle with 2 small children and filming overseas for A Place in the Sun, she has always been incredibly supportive giving testimonials for some of my clients and coming along to many VegfestUK event. Some “under cover” so she can just enjoy the festivals with her kids and family.

We were also at a Viva! event a few years back and she made everyone quite tearful as she spoke about the connection she made after having her own baby to cows having their calves taken away for milk. It was a moving and honest speech.

Jasmine and I chatted more when she decided to go vegan about 4 years ago and she was one of the first people to do Veganuary…. I was delighted to give her some pointers although she really knew what she was doing and was really excited to be vegan… and of course hasn’t looked back.

After being absolutely super (and a little bit competitive I may add) on our star quiz at VegfestUK London we are delighted that Jasmine is one of our celebrity judges for this years FxEctive Factor!

So pleased you can make it Jasmine as we know you schedule is bonkers busy! So firstly what’s your favourite part of VegfestUK?

It’s hard to decide on a favourite part, but I think the thing that I relish the most is walking around, people watching, thinking to myself, these are all open minded, compassionate people, from all walks of life, all ages, and I feel so happy to know that Veganism is becoming more and more widespread.

What advice would you give to our The FxEctive Factor vegan talent contest participants?

Be yourself, be confident, let your talents shine and good luck!

What does being vegan mean to you?

It is so important to me because my integrity means everything.

It’s about standing up for the vulnerable, it’s a feminist issue too, and it’s about choosing to do as little harm as possible.

My conscience is clear and I feel healthier, and I feel like I’m doing my bit for the future of this planet which our children will inherit from us. I hope I am also passing on knowledge to my children of a kind and compassionate lifestyle.

What advice would you offer to someone thinking about taking the vegan step?

I would say it feels like it’s going to be a much bigger step than it really is. It’s easy now there are so many vegan alternatives. It’s completely different to going on a “diet” and having to use willpower to stick to it. I’ve never had to use willpower as once I’d informed myself of the reality behind the animal products in our shops, I was not even tempted by them. Watch one (or more) of the vegan documentaries and this will not only inspire you but strengthen your resolve and equip you with facts that can be helpful when navigating transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Don’t beat yourself up. If you’re not ready for the full commitment do one meal a day, or a few days per week. Every meal choice is a step in the right direction. Lastly, do it! Your biggest regret will be not doing it sooner.

So spill the beans… what’s your favourite food at VegfestUK?!

The first Vegfest I came to in Brighton had a stand selling vegan Doner Kebabs... having been vegetarian since age 6, and remembering I used to like doner kebabs before becoming veggie, I was curious. I bought one and it was really tasty, but almost unnervingly convincing!

Thanks Jasmine – we love her and fingers crossed if she isn’t travelling with A Place in the Sun she will be back at VegfestUK London!

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