The Great British Bake Off gets it's first vegan baker in the tent this year- 28 year old support worker Rav Bansal.

Rav Bansal (credit: BBC)

Rav Bansal (credit: BBC)

For many- the thought of baking without eggs and milk might seem a little unorthodox, but Rav is now an expert at baking without the usual ingredients.

He told The Daily Mail online that he has been following veganism for six months and claims it has helped him to lose weight.

We will just have to see if his vegan brownies wow the judges but here's hoping that Mary and Paul find a new appreciation for vegan baking as a result of having Rav on the show.

Vegan bakers are using fruit puree, tofu, soya milk and bean juice as a substitute for the traditional ingredients. The main thing is that the consistency is the same, so there are plenty of alternatives out there.

The newest trend is using the juice from chickpeas instead of egg whites to make meringues- so vegan bakers have found a way to make almost everything without the addition of animal products.

It is important to remember that a diet of vegan cakes won't make you healthy or help you to lose weight- as with all baked goods they should be seen as treats!

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