In my hunt for the cruelty free styling products I came across Giovanni Frizz Be Gone on a vegan forum and was coming to the end of my other styling product so I ordered one.

Giovanni Frizz Be Gone

Giovanni Frizz Be Gone

It looks a lot like Frizz Eaze, a clear bottle with a clear serum inside- very simple. The dispenser gives you just what you need with one pump- too much and your hair will go crispy on the ends and greasy at the roots so perhaps try it for the first time on a weekend when you can afford to test out just how much suits your hair's thickness and length.

The smell is quite neutral so if you're like me and have a strong smelling shampoo and conditioner it doesn't mask that.

It's not sticky at all- it glides through the hair and gives you bouncy curls that stay all day long. Sadly I used this after an inexpensive shampoo and conditioner which ruined my hair so I don't think it did as good a job as it could have done if I had used the correct products beforehand. With that said, given that it was third in line to some ineffective products, it did pretty well under the circumstances.

I bought this off eBay for around £7.00 and it has lasted me ages- a little bit goes along way with this stuff and it's a great size and shape to take away with you in your overnight bag or on holiday as it doesn't take up too much space. The nozzle clicks back to lock the head in place so you don't get any spillages either.

I was thankful to find a product that works on curly hair as well one that is cruelty free. I have really struggled to find a product that caters for both so that's why I'm passing on the word.

I would strongly urge you to use a really good shampoo and conditioner with this to get the best effect- ones that are moisturising and nourishing for your hair. Overall a really impressive product that doesn't cost the earth- literally.

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