Oh, those milestone birthdays: 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 and so on. As women, we are acutely aware of our age - even if we avoid revealing it, or claim to have "lost track of the years."

Our fear, of course, is that with each subsequent birthday, we become less socially desirable, less appealing and less attractive. But that couldn't be further from the truth!

The US break-out hit comedy Younger, starring Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff, Nico Tortorella and Debi Mazar, proves that you can have endless fun no matter what your age is. Created, written, directed and executive-produced by Sex and The City creator Darren Star, the show will have its Exclusive UK Premiere on Sony Entertainment Television on Wednesday 25th November at 9pm.

Younger follows Liza Miller, a 40-year-old New Yorker in need of a change. Her marriage has ended, her daughter's off 'finding herself' overseas, she's unemployed, and she has recently lost her house. But starting her career from the bottom at 40 - and, even worse, being interviewed by conceited 20-somethings - has Liza seriously doubting her value as a 40-year-old. That is, until one drunken night out, when a much younger guy assumes they're the same age and asks for her number. From this, Liza realises she can definitely try to pass for a 26-year-old...

To celebrate the UK premiere of Younger, we've decided to highlight ten reasons why age doesn't matter. Here's a look into why the crowded candles on your birthday cake, as you enter your 20s, 30s and beyond, are plain awesome. Read on for some proof that age really doesn't matter, and that unlike Liza, we shouldn't lie about our place in life...

UK Exclusive Younger, Season 1, launches on Sony Entertainment Television (Sky 157, Virgin 193, BT and Talk Talk 331) on 25th November at 9pm and will form part of a brilliant Wednesday night comedy double-bill, alongside another exclusive UK Premiere, in the form of "Hot In Cleveland".

10. 'Cause science says so...

It turns out that the old cliché, "age is just a number," actually has some scientific basis to it. Sure, you're going to pick up some of the aches, pains, and a decreased capacity for drinking that come with the passing years,

but science says there's nothing stopping a 40-year-old from climbing Mount Everest faster than a 20-year-old. All that matters is your fitness age. Here's to climbing mountains at 40!

9. Love isn't age-dependent.

True love doesn't discriminate when it comes to age, whether it be age difference (just look at Jay Z, 45, and Beyoncé, 34), or the age you fall in love. This is especially true for newlyweds Edith Hill, 96, and Eddie Harrison, 95, who married last year, proving that there is no age restriction when it comes to love. As Eddie Harrison said himself: "Age is only a number that tells you how long you have been on this Earth. If you are going to truly love somebody, you are not going to care about their age, for it will not make you love them any less."

8. You can trade nights out for nights in, no questions asked.

There are few things in this world better than getting a good night's sleep. Spending a Saturday night in a sweaty, crowded club, and waking up with ringing ears and a sore head on a Sunday, is not one of them. Sleep is something we start to take for granted in our lives, so catching up on it, after all those hedonistic nights in your 20s, is a truly wonderful thing.

7. Looks aren't everything.

You've been tweezing, shaving, moisturising, flat-ironing, bikini-waxing, hair-dyeing, gym-joining (notice we said gym-joining, not gym-going?) exfoliating and manicuring since age 16, all whilst sleeping on a silk pillowcase to reduce wrinkles. The older you get, the more you'll be ready to grow out your body hair and relax! Of course, we all want to look fabulous at any age, but as we get older, the harsh stereotypes and stigma about what is the 'perfect' image will begin to lessen, allowing you to feel great about yourself, without the media forcing an ideal into your mind.

6. You care less about what others think!

In your twenties, do you really care about what teenagers think of you? No. So past 30, you probably wouldn't care less about what a 20-year-old will think of you. You literally have the power to speak your mind without being judged, when you're older. Whenever. Wherever. However controversial!

5. You get to wear the comfiest clothes.

Flats are better than heels. They just are. And when you're older, you feel more confident wearing those super comfy shoes that you made fun of when you were a teenager. It's also socially acceptable to wear those mum pants that are both elastic and practical. You can finally just "do you"… and wave goodbye to sore feet and tight clothes.

4. You are alive... yay!

Always remember that tomorrow is never promised, proving that age really doesn't matter. Don't forget, all of those things that make you fear ageing are also signs that you are still kicking. Go you! Make the most of your life, whatever age you may be.

3. See you, PMS.

Need we say more? By your 40s, you're likely to be just a few years from menopause. That has to be one benefit of getting older...

2. Brainpower like never before.

Studies by neuroscientists have shown that the brain, by middle age, has developed powerful systems that can cut through the intricacies of complex problems, to find concrete answers. The middle aged brain can also manage emotions more calmly, and give us the capacity to be more creative. Sounds good to us!

1. It's all exciting times ahead!

There's always something exciting to look forward to in life. In your twenties, it's typically your first job, living away from home, and trying to figure out what you want (starting a family may follow, if you're so inclined). As you get older, you might change job, like Liza in Younger, or travel the world, meet a special someone... Whatever might lie ahead in your life, it's likely to be a new and exciting experience.

So, the next time someone asks how old you are, feel free to take a different approach to Liza in Younger, and tell them the truth, because age doesn't matter... unless you're cheese.