Ronda Rousey is without a doubt one of the most exciting WWE Superstars to have ever graced the company. Coming in from UFC, she's been a dominant fighter in the squared circle since she made her debut, picking up massive wins against the likes of Stephanie McMahon and Nia Jax.

Tonight, she went up against Sasha Banks for the first time in a match-up for the Raw Women's Championship. So, did she manage to retain the gold, or did The Boss do the unthinkable?

The battle started with a mocking of one another, but it didn't take too long for the two of them to get their head in the game.

As they battled for control, they held each other in a variety of submission moves, taking it slow before bringing a bit of speed to their bout. Banks seemed to be the early aggressor, and was certainly the hot favourite with the crowd.

Ronda would be left a little confused when locking in the Armbar outside of the ring, forcing Sasha to tap but of course not picking up a win. This wasn't a Falls Count Anywhere match-up!

Following a brutal bunch of illegal moves from Sasha, Ronda would eventually turn the tides and deliver the Piper's Pit to Sasha for the pinfall victory.

The Royal Rumble is available to stream on the WWE Network.

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