A little later this month (June 2021), Netflix subscribers will be able to check out the highly-anticipated second season of their hit reality dating show, Too Hot To Handle.

Though the series appears to be extremely similar to the likes of Love Island, there’s a major twist; any kissing, heavy petting or “self gratification” of any kind will result in in the grand prize of $100,000 being cut, dependant on the ‘seriousness’ of each offence.

Contestants will once again be greeted by artificial intelligence life guide and guru Lana; but will they fare better with following her rules than the Season 1 cast?

Today (June 15th, 2021), Netflix unveiled their first look at the starting cast for the new season of the anti-dating show, giving audiences a glimpse at exactly who will be on the least-sexy vacation of their lives.

Here are the contestants we’ll be getting to know a whole lot better when Too Hot To Handle makes its return…

Cam, 24, model and personal trainer from Wales, UK

Born and raised in South Wales, Cam isn't your usual pretty boy. Proud of his passion for all things nerdy, he's a big lover of Lord of the Rings and can do a spot-on impression of none other than Gollum; he's even taken part in elf-based roleplay in the past!

Always under the impression that the grass is greener on the other side, Cam struggles to settle, so will Lana be able to help him appreciate a more meaningful relationship?

Carly, 24, model from Toronto, Canada

In her own words, Carly is a “man-eater”. Loving everything to do with partying and hating being told what to do, this former competitive dancer isn't interested in settling down. Instead, she's joined the show to have fun and let loose... something tells us Lana is going to have their virtual hands full with this one!

Chase, 24, professional football player from Arizona, USA

The epitome of "tall, dark and handsome", Chase has admirers lining up which is admittedly a good thing, as he as a sex drive that he describes as "100 out of 10". Heading into the retreat he's excited for the games to begin, but how will he cope when Lana reveals the strict guidelines that he must follow to make this trip a success?

Emily, 27, model from London, UK

With no interest in commitment, it's going to be very interesting to see how Emily plays the games that Lana has in store. Admitting to always getting what she wants, Emily isn't afraid to break a few hearts in her search for love; so will Lana be able to help her find a deeper connection with a potential romance?

Kayla, 26, model and bartender from Florida, USA

This laidback Florida girl is happiest when she's at the beach, catching the rays and surfing, as well as checking out the talent. Admitting she loves a bad boy, she says she has never been rejected. She looks to her strict upbringing as the reason behind her rebellious wild side, so we expect she'll be breaking some of Lana's rules after landing at the resort…

Larissa, 28, lawyer from Auckland, New Zealand

When she's not getting her legal on, Larissa is partying and enjoying all the attention that comes her way. Nicknamed Tinkerbell by her friends, she loves when guys are obsessed with her despite not being a one-man kinda girl.

Marvin, 26, model and influencer from Paris, France

Parisian model and influencer Marvin isn't just beautiful, but brainy too. With a masters in finance and having played basketball at the highest level in France, as well as starting his own concierge business, it'd be fair to assume he has it all.

With buckets of confidence, his pick of the ladies and constant attention, it'll be interesting to see how Marvin adapts to a world where any tactile actions result in punishment.

Melinda, 28, model from New York, USA

As one of 16 siblings, Brooklyn-born Melinda has always felt the need to stand out from the crowd. She's a big fan of receiving compliments so modelling is the perfect work and, as a self-professed "firecracker", she's going into the retreat on the hunt for boys. Will Lana be able to tame this one? We can’t wait to find out…

Nathan, 27, former stripper from Texas, USA

Originally from the UK, Nathan moved to Texas to kickoff a successful career as a Magic Mike-style stripper. With a passion for country music and a love for the ladies, Nathan has in the past had his heart broken, leading to him now jumping from one relationship to the next. Will he be able to find a deeper connection in Lana’s retreat?

Peter, 21, personal trainer from New York, USA

When he's not pumping iron, Peter is making his next hit TikTok video. Due to his success on the social media platform, he says he gets between 100 and 200 direct messages a day from his admirers. Close to his Staten Island-based family and in particular, his mom, he could be the softie of the season.

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 begins June 23rd, 2021 with the season’s final episodes debuting on June 30th, 2021, exclusive to Netflix.

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