It's hard to believe we're in the midst of summer here in the UK, with the damp weather and rain pouring down on us.

Soon though the season will be over and we'll be moving into Autumn - perhaps the sun will grace us with its presence then? If not, there's plenty to watch on the small screen. Here are our pick of the top 10 things to watch this Autumn...

Transparent season 3 - September 23 on Amazon Prime Video

The Pfefferman family are fractured and embarking on their own individual journeys in the third season of this award-winning show, as they all attempt to find themselves and discover exactly what the next chapter of their life will involve.

Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) has found romance with Vicki (Anjelica Huston) and acceptance from her family and now, having being delivered a jarring reality check will seek to become the woman she really envisions through gender confirmation surgery.

Shelly (Judith Light) meanwhile is relishing in her newfound love with Buzzy (Richard Masur), finally discovering her voice and deciding she is going to tell her side of her story whether or not her family likes it.

Sarah (Amy Landecker) and Ali (Gabby Hoffman) are hoping to connect to their spirituality but are embarking on two very different approaches, whilst Josh (Jay Duplass) is disengaged from both work and love, before suffering from a devastating loss that forces him to bring his past back to the surface.

Marvel's Luke Cage season 1 - September 30 on Netflix

Having tried and failed to forge a relationship with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage (Mike Colter) is embarking on his own journey in the third Marvel's Defenders series to come to Netflix.

Here we'll see Luke move to Harlem as a fugitive, hoping to bury his past and move on with his life, but when a huge threat arrives in his city he's forced to face up to everything that has happened before in a bid to allow authorities to reclaim control.

Using his superhuman powers of strength and unbreakable skin for the greater good, he'll emerge from the shadows, picking up the pieces of his broken life whilst saving Harlem from a terrible fate.

Amanda Knox documentary - September 30 on Netflix

This new Netflix original documentary aims to delve deeper into the Amanda Knox story than anyone has done before, with directors Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn teaming up with producer Mette Heide to explore one of the world's most notorious cases.

Was Amanda a cold-blooded psychopath who murdered her roommate, or simply a naive student abroad trapped in an endless nightmare?

Humans season 2 - October on Channel 4

As Channel 4's biggest drama series of the past two decades, Humans was always going to get a second season. The show follows the story of a group of Synths - robots designed to obey human's orders - and their fight to become their own superior race.

Most of the cast of the first season will return for this second run, and new castmembers include Carrie-Anne Moss and Marshall Allman.

Picking up a few months after the first season, the Synths will have "gone a bit deeper" into our culture, with head writer Sam Vincent explaining: "Things are developing fast, as technology does in all areas."

Scream Queens season 2 - October on E4

Ryan Murphy returns with his anthology series, featuring many of the same actors that were in the first season, but with them stepping into new roles and an entirely different location.

As a terrifying yet hilarious storyline taking place once more, we move to a hospital where some of the most fascinating and bizarre cases are held.

John Stamos, Taylor Lautner and Colton Haynes are amongst the new stars stepping into the show for the first time - it's going to be interesting to see just which direction Murphy will take the show this time round.

Black Mirror season 3 - October 21 on Netflix

12 all-new episodes of Charlie Brooker's anthology series are coming to Netflix, with the unsettling dystopian drama now a Netflix original.

Brooker is of course on board once more with original producer Annabel Jones also fronting the project. There's no telling what we can expect when the show returns, but what we do know is it's going to be one heck of an experience.

The Crown season 1 - October 4 on Netflix

Created and written by Peter Morgan, this exciting new drama made up of 10 one-hour episodes has an all-star cast including Claire Foy, Matt Smith, Jared Harris, Vanessa Kirby, John Lithgow and Greg Wise.

Telling the biographical story of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom, ther series is the most expensive drama ever made by Netflix and so promises to really mesmerise and enchant audiences.

The Walking Dead season 7 - October 24 on FOX UK

It's almost time to find out who Negan brought his barbed wire baseball bat Lucille down on, with The Walking Dead returning for what could be its most drastic, gritty and violent season to-date.

The zombie apocalypse is in full swing and a new way of life is encompassing Rick, Carol, Daryl and the rest of the group we've come to know and love through the six seasons that have passed.

Now though they'll face challenges like no other, with 11 of the survivors faced with living under Negan's rule, whilst Carol and Morgan happen upon a new environment called The Kingdom, led by a man named Ezekiel and his pet tiger, Shiva.

The Ivory Game - November 4 on Netflix

Going undercover into the dark and sinister world of ivory trafficking, award-winning director Richard Ladkani teams up with director Kief Davidson, having filmed undercover for 16 months with a crack team of intelligence operatives, undercover activists, passionate frontline rangers and conservationists, infiltrate the corrupt global network of ivory trafficking.

Terra Mater Film Studios and Vulcan Productions bring viewers a special documentary which follows poachers in pursuit of the 'white gold' of ivory. With time running out for African elephants and the species edging dangerously close to extinction, is there any hope for these majestic creatures?

Mozart in the Jungle season 3 - December 9 on Amazon Prime Video

This half-hour comedic drama returns for its third season, based on critically acclaimed memoir Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs & Classical Music by Balir Tindall.

Drawing back the curtain on the world of music, we'll see artistic dedication and creativity collide once more with mind games, politics and survival instincts.

In the midst of a grand Italian adventure, season three will see Rodrigo (Gael Garcia Bernal) take on a new challenge: conducting the great opera diva Alessandra in her long-awaited return concert in Venice, Italy.

Swept up in the city, he's pulled into a passionate collaboration by Alessandra that quickly becomes operatic in its own right.

Meanwhile, Hailey (Lola Kirke) travels across Europe with the Andrew Walsh Ensemble, discovering that the trip isn't everything she had hoped for, but also finding a passion for conducting along the way.

The symphony has been torn apart since the lockout, with many of the players unable to be in the same room as one another. Exactly how will things play out? We'll all have to tune in to find out.

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