Crossing Jordan

Crossing Jordan

If you are a lover of crime dramas then over the last few years we have been treated to some fantastic shows that are packed full of action as well as interesting characters.

All of these shows have thrown up really strong women who put everything on the line to fight crime and put evil behind bars.

So we take a look at some of the best female crime fighters that we have enjoyed watching over the years.

- Jordan Cavanaugh - Crossing Jordan

Crossing Jordan was a hit show that was created by Tim Kring and ran from 2001 through to 2007.

Jill Hennessy took on the lead role of Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh, M.D., a forensic pathologist in the Boston Medical Examiner's Office.

Cavanaugh is one of the ballsiest women in crime drama as she would gross anyone, even authority figures, to get the answers she needed to solve the case; hence the title of the show.

But Jordan is also a woman who is scarred by her past after the murder of her mother when she was a child.

Jordan Cavanaugh is a strong and independent woman who would stop at nothing to get justice and she delighted fans for six seasons.

But Jordan Cavanaugh is not the only strong minded women to appear in Crossing Jordan as Detective Tallulah "Lu" Simmons and DA Renee Walcott have made an impact during their time on the show.

Detective Simmons joined the show in season 5 and work closely with Cavanaugh and the rest of the ME's office as they battle to solve crime.

Renee Walcott was another very strong presence in the show as the district attorney regularly butted heads with Cavanaugh over her methods and decisions.

- Ros Myers - Spooks

When it comes MI5 drama they don't come any tougher than Ros Myers - played wonderfully by Hermione Norris.

Myers kicked off her career in MI6 but made the move to MI5 during the fifth series of the hit show.

Once she joined MI5 she was part of the counter-terrorism division were she faced threats and danger at every turn.

But Myers is a woman who faces danger head on and is a fear fighter when it comes to protecting her country and the people in it.

Her strong, don't mess with me attitude made her a real leader and she was not afraid to make herself heard in a male dominated arena.

Ros Myers is one of the most popular Spooks characters of all time as well as being one of the great female characters to have ever graced the small screen in this genre.

Much like Crossing Jordan this is another show that also had some terrific female characters over the series.

Zoe Reynolds, played by the super talented Keeley Hawes, was with the show from the very beginning and was a fictional case officer in the counterterrorism department of MI5.

But Reynolds' career at MI5 was not plain sailing as she struggled with the consequences of her hand in the downfall of Tessa Phillips and her friendship with Tom Quinn is put to the test when he is accused of being a rogue officer.

- Carrie Mathison - Homeland

One of the most talked about shows of the last couple of years is, of course, Homeland that sees Claire Danes take on the role of Carrie Mathison.

Mathison is a Central Intelligence Agency officer who is trying to prove that Brody, a U.S. Marine who was held by al-Qaeda, has been turned and is now an enemy of the United States.

Mathison is a headstrong and driven woman who is not afraid to fight for something that she believes to be right.

Her bipolar does make her bosses a little wary of some of the decisions that she makes but her condition doesn't impair Mathison's work. She may make hasty decisions with no proof, but she is quite often right.

Mathison is one of the most exciting characters on TV at the moment and the show is driven forward by a terrific performance from Danes.

- Mary Shannon - In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight hit our screens back in 2008 and saw Mary McCormack take on the central role of Mary Shannon in the drama.

Shannon is a Deputy United States Marshal attached to the Albuquerque, NM, office of the Federal Witness Security Program where her job is to protect witnesses.

Shannon is a no nonsense Marshal who is ready to anything and everything to protect those in her care. There is nothing conformist about this character and her methods of doing her job does land her regularly in trouble.

And while she is good at her job she struggles to balance her professional and personal life and finds it hard to shake off her past.

Like most characters she has her flaws and growing up with a gambling father and an alcoholic mother has left her with severe trust and abandonment issues.

- Jane Tennison - Prime Suspect

But it is not just the States that produce quality crime dramas an interesting characters, we Brit's can do it to.

Prime Suspect is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest with Oscar winner Helen Mirren taking on the central role of Jane Tennison.

Tennison is a Detective Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan Police and is a no nonsense boss who expects the best from those around her.

A woman in a male dominated environment Tennison has had to overcome sexism in the workplace - however it is a situation in which she thrives.

Helen Mirren play Tennison over seven series with Prime Suspect: The Final Act being the last time that we saw the character on screen.

Over the years we have seen characters such as Jordan Cavanaugh in Crossing Jordan and Ros Myers in Spooks really take this genre of television by the scruff of the neck.

They have created some strong, intelligent and memorable characters... long may it continue!!!

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