Jake Wood has admitted he hopes his EastEnders character Max Branning isn't Lucy Beale's killer in the soap, as he doesn't want to lose his job.

Max Branning confronts daughter Abi

Max Branning confronts daughter Abi

As one of the main suspsects in the case because of his affair with the young blonde beauty before her murder 10 months ago, Jake confesses he has hopes that he isn't unveiled as her killer on this week's string of live episodes, as he loves his job on the BBC One show.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he shared: "I had a few theories at first, but now I'm just confused. I thought it was Abi Branning, then I thought it was Max, then I was convinced it was Ian Beale.

"That's the beauty. Everyone's got a motive. It would be interesting if it was Max. But if it is, potentially I'd be out of a job, so I'll have to have a conversation with the boss at a later date. I could be a fugitive. I could be filming scenes from Cuba or something."

The actor went on to admit that whilst he doesn't have "a clue" who murdered Lucy, he doesn't think Max could go through with killing anybody.

"Personally I don't think Max would be capable of it, but you just don't know the circumstances of what could have driven him to it. It could be manslaughter. The people I speak to don't think Max is capable of murder. He's capable of a lot of things, lying, cheating, but not murder."

Jake feels proud to be involved in one of soap's biggest ever storylines, and he was last seen in last night's episode confronting his daughter, saying she was the one who killed Lucy.

EastEnders continues tonight on BBC One at 8pm.

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