Denise Van Outen's new character in EastEnders is to become involved in an intense love triangle.

Denise Van Outen

Denise Van Outen

The actress has joined the BBC One soap for a short stint and admits that "trouble" is going to be caused by her new alter ego.

Asked who she'll be dating when she hits the Square, Denise explained: "It's not just one person - that's all I'm saying.

"My character will come in and I'm going to cause some trouble."

Though she's keeping quiet, she admitted she would love to get close with fellow actor Jake Wood, who plays Max Branning.

"If I could pick, it would have to be Jake Wood who plays Max Branning as I'm a huge 'Strictly Come Dancing' fan and we've both done the show. We could do a sexy rumba together."

Denise has previously turned down a string of offers to appear on the soap, but feels that this time around "felt right".

"The first time they approached me, I'd just fell pregnant with Betsey and couldn't tell them.

"Then the only reason I said no was because the character wasn't quite right for me and I knew it would be a lot of work to commit to.

"But this time, I felt like the character was right and I'm just dipping in for a few episodes to see how it goes.

"Also, they're celebrating their 30th anniversary so it's a brilliant time to be involved. It felt right."

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