Syed Masood

Syed Masood

'EastEnders' Syed Masood is set to come out as gay to his mother on his wedding day.

She can see it all in Syed's eyes

Tortured Muslim Syed Masood finds his secret is outed on the day he is set to marry fiancee, Amira Shah.

His affair with Christian Clarke is unveiled by Christian himself, after Syed turns down his offer to run away to Barcelona.

Christian decides to return to Walford after the rejection and heads straight for Syed's mother Zainab.

Marc Elliott, who plays Syed explained: "He meets Syed in the cafe on the morning of the wedding, and it's clear there's unfinished business between them. They don't realise Zainab's seen them though. She puts two and two together and just assumes that Christian has propositioned her son."

Later, Christian shocks Zainab by announcing that her son is gay.

"Christian calls Syed and reveals that he's told Zainab everything. So when she catches up with Syed, he's forced to admit everything Christian said is true. She can see it all in Syed's eyes. It's a massive shock for her."