Marc Elliott unfit like Syed

Marc Elliott unfit like Syed

Marc Elliott doesn't exercise because he is convinced his 'EastEnders' alter-ego wouldn't want to keep fit.

The 30 -year-old actor - who portrays hunky Syed Masood in the BBC One soap - admits he doesn't "give a s**t" about working out because his character doesn't show interest in looking after his body.

Nah, I don't give a s**t. I don't think Syed goes to the gym.

Discussing whether he watches his weight, he told BANG Showbiz: "Nah, I don't give a s**t. I don't think Syed goes to the gym."

Syed has been appearing semi-naked in a large number of scenes lately, since his relationship with Christian Clark (John Partridge) finally came out in the open.

However, Marc doesn't understand why writers of the show keep making him shed his clothes.

He said: "Why not utilise John Partidge a bit more, because he's got the body to flash and show off.

"They're sort of together now and have become boring. I think there's big stuff coming up, but you know how it is. Everyone needs to have their little bit of time off, so it's been very nice having my time off."

Marc is currently preparing to have a break from filming as he travels around the US with pals.

He said: "I'm on holiday from Wednesday next week, to the US. Just doing a massive driving trip around the south of North America with two university friends. Two boys and a girl."

However, Marc is keen to head back to the soap to catch up with new castmates and upcoming storylines.

He added: "It has been scary but I sort of knew my contract wasn't up, so I was alright. I'm a bit out of the loop at the moment. When I get back I'll be able to meet Jesse Wallace and Shane Richie properly. I love Kat and Alfie, I think they're great characters."